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Project Description
Simple task scheduling application for windows built on top of Quartz.NET

Project Screenshot

The goal of this project is to be a replacement for Windows Scheduled Tasks and allow a very simple way to create, duplicate, delete and modify jobs. Currently jobs are configured through Simple Xml Files.

The Documentation is very light at this point but I hope to keep adding more information.

Road Map
* Modify core application to isolate itself from plugins that crash
* Add functionality to the xml plugin so it can write files back out to disk if changes are made directly
* Add an Enable/Disable option to the interface
* Make it so the storage of jobs can be ADO.NET or maybe even RavenDB
* Modify the xml plugin to load any jobs that are already on the server when it starts up (this will be necessary if external job storage is used)
* Verification method for jobs when they are added to notify the user in some way if the job will not be able to execute
* Re-enable the service bus notification system
* Support to have one client connected to multiple servers
* Calendar support to the jobs so there can be specific black-out periods
* User impersonation support so tasks can use specific credentials
* Any other ideas? I'm open to suggestions...

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