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I'm putting together some very brief but hopefully useful documentation. Since this product is still in active development many of these things may change and I'm open to suggestions from those of you interested in using it.

Simple Scheduler was created out of the need for a reliable way to schedule tasks on windows. The built-in task scheduler for Windows Server 2003 works good but doesn't have enough features and had a number of issues leading to jobs failing to run. Before developing this application I reviewed over 13 other applications that were publicly available from those that are free to those that are very expensive. Most of them didn't make the cut and those that did were way above budget for the "Simple" tasks that we needed it for.

Simple Scheduler is built on top of the Quartz.NET engine which was in turn a port of Quartz for java which has a long history in the enterprise. The application has been split into two releases. The client and the server. There is no installation file for both. These must be copied to the destination machine and be executed directly or installed as a service.

The server if executed directly will start up and show a log of console messages.

You can also install or uninstall it as a service by executing these commands.

Install Service

SimpleScheduler.Server.exe install

Uninstall Service

SimpleScheduler.Server.exe uinstall

When you start up the client it will attempt to connect to the server specified in the SimpleScheduler.exe.config file. You can change this value before you start the executable to avoid an error if the server is located somewhere else.

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